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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Illusions That Can Prevent Abundance

Our beliefs create our reality. If we believe in limits, then that is how we will exeperience life. If we feel that we are worthy and open, then life will reflect that. We must be willing to see old beliefs and change them to healthy, positive, life-affirming beliefs. These are some old beliefs that can surround money.

Fears That Prevent us From Our Abundance.......................
- the illusion that there is not enough
- the illusion that I must struggle for money
- the illusion that I am unworthy or undeserving
- fear of judgement
- fear that you are not good enough
- fear of inadequacy
- denying your own power
- fear of letting go
- fear that we are not supported by life
- fear that you are not important enough to be tended to by the universe
- fear of success
- fear of failure
- fear of rejection
- fear of our intution or inner guidance
- fear of being grounded
- fear of being connected to the body or earth
- fear of loss
- fear of being our true self
- fear that others will feel insecure around you
- giving away your power
- fear of change
- fear to nourish ourselves
- fear of standing up for ourselves

  Out-dated Beliefs about Money.......
- Money is evil.
- You can't be spiritual and rich.
- Money will make my life more difficult.
- Only certain kinds of people can have money
- Money does not grow on trees.
- People with money are greedy.
- People with money are mean.
- People with money are corrupt.
- You can only have money through struggling for it.
- Money must not come easily.
- If you have money, then others will be jealous of you
- There is not enough money.
- Money is hard to come by.
- You must work hard for money
- If you have money, then other people will only want to be around you for it.
- Money and resources have to be fought over.
- Either they have it or we have it.
- You must steal from and hinder other people to get money and abundance.

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