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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Art of Non-Attachment

The Art of Non-Attachment to create what you desire

Non-attachment means setting an intention
and trusting that it will manifest at the right time
and in the right way

It means trusting that the universe will take care of the details and
guide you to do the right actions when neccessary

Non-attachment means allowing things to unfold
with out worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety

Set the intention to use non-attachment in your everyday life
You can use it to create anything you need

The Law Of Attraction


The Law Of Attraction (and Other Universal Laws)

What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is the most powerful force in the Universe and means simply that you attract what you think about – whether you want it or not.

Other Universal Laws:
The Law of Intention - know why you are doing something and know the consequences
The Law of Karma - for every action there is a reaction
Tha Law of Continuity - energy and matter does not die but transform
The Law of Synchroncity - when you set an intention, the manifestation where begin to show up around you

Simple steps to using the LOA to attract what you want
1. Ask - Identify and be clear about what you want
2. Believe - Expect that the Universe/God/Spirit answers
3. Receive - Allow and be grateful AS IF you have already received what you want

Ways to Energize Your Intentions
1. repetitious thinking
2. journaling
3. prayer
4. visualizing
5. affirmations
6. focus on feeling it

Learn more, visit "Universal Laws with Ten Nebula" -


Dream Big

We need to have bigger visions
and not allow what the ego tells us
and what other tells us to make us stay small

be honest and clear with the universe about what you want
be as specific as possible about your intention
give yourself more space, more money, more light, more goodness and more health
the universe is all abundance and it is unlimited
we have to believe that we are worthy and capable of creating what we want
the universe always says "yes"
so dream big
and stay open to the universe

aim for the stars and if we miss,
then at least we hit the moon


Think from The End

In order to create what you want
you have to learn to "think from the end"
what this means is visualization........

visualize what you want as you would like it to be
see it clearly in your mind's eye,
draw pics of it,
write down the intention,
and see it done now
(don't let the ego & fear move you into doubt)

allow yourself to feel it done,
then the universe will take care of the details
and show you the needed steps to take

learn to train yourself
to think from the end
in order to create whatever you desire in your life

Practice Daily Gratitude

Have gratitude for all you have each day
Express gratitude for all the good in your life.
Each day brings wonderful new surprises.
The more grateful you are for the wealth and abundance in my life,
the more reasons you find to be grateful.
Give thanks for the opportunities to grow and expand
Also, the universe will bring you more of what you show thanks for.

Add a gratitude list to your daily spiritual practice, moon rituals, holy days, etc.

For more info on gratitude,
visit our site "Gratitude: The Art and Practice"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Manifesting What You want

We are all created from energy... everything is. In this Universe, like attracts like. That is one of the universal laws. In order for us to attract something in the external world to us, we must have it already residing in our internal world (in our hearts, aura, mind, and belief system). This makes manifesting easier.

There are many ways to attract what you want to you (i.e. money, loving relationships, health, great job, spiritual awareness, etc). You can either do it the hard way which is through the ego and requires force, hard work, lots of time, and effort. Or we can attract what we want to us by changing our beliefs, doing prayer and energywork, having faith, believing our ourselves and taking the right actions.

Here are some steps to help you attract and manifest what you truly desire:
(Recommended Resouces for Manifesting work: The Law of Attraction by Jerry & Ester Hicks and Creating Money by Sonaya Roman)

1. Continually strenthen your connection to your soul and divine self, the source of all your abundance and supply.

2. Be patient.

3. Refuse doubts. Don't engage in negative thinking, this postpones the good that is coming to you.

4. Express gratitude. Giving thanks and apprectiation for all you have makes you magnetic to more.

5. Focus on what you have, not what you are lacking. Energy follows thought. Whatever you focus on increases.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice.

7. Listen to your intuition. Be open and receptive to new ideas.

8. Trust and believe in yourself. You have all you need within you to succeed. Let yourself and not others be the authority of what is right for you.

9. Be Open to change! Embrace whatever happens as a gift and opportunity rather than a problem.

(Steps are taken from the Orin & Daben Newsletter)

Blessed be!!!!!

Learn more, visit "How to Create What You Love, Want, & Enjoy" - http://creatingandmanifesting.blogspot.com/

Tithing as a Spiritual Practice

Tithing-Karma Yoga-Volunteering........................
Tithing is a important part of learning how to give and recieve.
In order to be healthy, we must know how to give energy and receive energy from the universe. Tithing should feel great when you do it and make you happy. If you are giving and it doesn't feel right, then you may not be giving in the highest ways and in ways that are aligned with your truth. A reminder that what ever we give to others always comes back to us. Also, when we help others, then there will those that want to help us in return.

How often to tith...............
We can tith on the daily basis by giving things like smiles, hugs, prayers, and energywork. Doing daily paryers for humanity and the earth is a very abundant practice that helps the whole in amazing ways. We can give on the weekly or monthly basis with things like money, food, and used clothing.

What can we tith........................
We can tith money, food, clothes, hugs, smiles, compliments, housing, prayers, time, energy, volunteer work and so many other things.

Make the intention to tith to others often with an open heart, clear mind, and enrich spirit.

Learn more, visit "The Sweetness of Giving" -

Six Steps to Clear Blockages

Six Steps to Clear Blockages and Allow More Light & Wealth into Your Life

1. cultivate positive feelings
2. feel worthy and deserving
3. make everday the best day of your life
4. focus on what you want rather than what you don't have
5. fine tune the direction and intention of your desires
6. create space in your life for what you desire to manifest

For more, Visit "Healthier Living, Healthier Being" -

Savings, Spendings, and Finance Sites

Finance Sites


Savings, Spendings, and Debt Reduction sites

(Sites taken from the book "THE ANTI 9-TO-5 GUIDE")

Prayers to Attract Money

To Heal Your Issues in Money
1. Be honest about your beliefs regarding money
2. Learn better spending habits
3. Intend to make more money
4. Focus on becoming debt-free
5. Start saving
6. Donate on the regular basis
7. Intend to use your money with love & wisdom

Prayers to attract money (from various sources)

1. I am a money magnet. Money flows through me and to me, easily and effortlessly. The Goddess is the source of my supply. Whatever I give, is returned to me, heap up, pressed down, and running over. And So it is!!!!!!

2. Prayer For Rising Above Fear
Universe, please ease our hearts in this world of uncertainty,
As we balance that which we desire with our true need,
As we look for higher values in the midst of material loss,
As we remember the wealth and abundance born of your creation,
And know that as you move us from fear to love,
We will be enriched with the treasures of spirit and peace.
And so it is!!!!

3. Prayer for Prosperity
Univserse, Great Mother Goddess, source of Love and Life who brings abundance to all,
Please bring prosperity to me and my family now.
We ask that these basic needs be filled:
Money to pay our bills,
Income to meet our mortgage (rent),
Enough to feed us healthy food,
And more than enough for health care and wellness.
Beyond the material needs, please uplift our souls.
Inspire our creativity and resourcefulness.
Guide us in improving our lives.
Please help us to hold on to faith
And let us find peace.
And so it is

4. Money Treatment
There is only one Creative Cause, God. There is only one Mind, God. There is only one Life, God. Thereis only one Substance, God. This present universe is the Glory of God. It is moving, flexible, fluidic creation, it is alive with the Life, the Abundance, and the Richness of God. I abide in prosperity. Mind created mein order that It might act through me. Therefore, I am receptive to Its abundance. I am receptive to Its circulation in my life in the form of money. Money is God's Idea of circulation in my world of finance. I accept this Idea completely. I appreciate this Idea; I like it. Money being God in Action, is absolute good, it is wholesome. It is a blessing to me, and I am now prospered with it. I have no fear of lack for I believe that I have plenty of money. It is God's Activity in my world. It is God's Activity inmy bank account. It is God's Activity in my investments. It is God's Activity in everything to which I lay my hands. This money is flowing, this money is free. I do not attempt to lock it up. I do not put a fence around it. It is God's money, I let it flow in, I let it flow out. As I release it, I know that it comes back to me, pressed down, shaken together and running over. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." I am now free in money. I rejoice in it. I appreciate it, and I thank God for it. I have money forevermore.
And so it is.

"I am surrounded by pure Spirit, by God, the Living Spirit. My thought is God thought, and it is the law unto that thing where unto it is spoken. Everything that I do shall be a success. I am led, guided and inspired by the Living Spirit of Love and of right action. I am compelled to move in the right direction and to always know what to do, where, and how to do it.

"I am surrounded by right action. I am filled with the consciousness of right action. Right action is success in all that I undertake to do. I am successful in all my undertakings, and I am compensated for all my efforts. I am surrounded by Substance, which is always taking the form of supply and always manifesting Itself to me in the form of whatever my need may be at the time.

"I always have an abundance of money and an abundance of whatever it takes to make life happy and opulent. There is a continuous movement toward me of supply, of money, of all that I need to express the fullest life, happiness and action.

"I have an inner understanding of my place in the Universe. I know that it is unique. The Divine has not incarnated in anyone else in just the same individual way that It has in me. I am unique and forever individualized. Therefore, I do not need to imitate anyone or to long for the good that belongs to another. All good is now mine and is now manifest in my experience. I do not compete with anyone, for I am and remain forever myself. This self is united with all selves, but is always an individual and a unique self.

"There is that in me which all people recognize as worth while and desirable, and everyone whom I meet loves this self of mine and recognizes its worth. I draw all toward me and those whom I can benefit and those who can benefit me are irresistibly drawn toward me. I do not strain, will or coerce. I know. The Truth makes me free from the fear of poverty or bondage, and emancipates me from the thought of limitation. I see that money, like everything else that is desirable, must be a spiritual idea, and I know that I have this idea right in my mind at this moment, I shall always have this idea of abundance. It is mine and I take it.

"The opportunity for self-expression and compensation is always open to me and I am at all times compelled to know, accept and operate upon this opportunity. I have abundance because I am abundance. "All that the Father hath is mine."

And So It Is.

6. Faith in my abundance
I keep my mind & thoughts on The Goddess within as the only cause of all my prosperity. I acknowledge the inner presence as the only activity in all my affairs, financial and otherwise. As the substance of all things visible and invisible. I place my faith in the principle of abundance in action within me. And so it is!!!!

7.Receiving Prayer
Universe, Great Mother Goddess, if anyone has something great coming to them and they're not willing to receieve all of it or any of it and it is aligned with my highest and greatest good, send it to me!!! I am open and willing to recieve all of your blessings. Thank you!!!! And so it is!!!!

8. Unexpected money
There is one God, one Mind, one Creative Intelligence, one cosmic creative something. This creative cause created me in order to express Itself. It created me with talents and abilities, with health, life, love, with everything. Within me right now this action is taking place, expanding every pattern I have in my subconscious mind of money. Every money pattern in my subconscious mind is now expanded.
I am open and receptive to unexpected money, which comes to me in right ways. I believe that in one sense of the word God is money in action, for it is my ease, my comfort and my freedom. I now accept unexpected money from any and all sources, ways and means as long as they’re right. I believe that my prosperity is spiritual. I shall use it with wisdom and I shall use it with joy. My subconscious mind now accepts this and acts upon it. And it is so. So it is.
Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

9.  7 prayers for a week of abundance:
I am now centered in the presence of pure peace. I consciously align myself with the peace of God. I am calm. I am alert. I am open to what needs to be done.

I am aware that my thoughts create my life. Therefore I keep my thoughts focused only on what I want to experience-the highest and best for myself and others. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I choose to live a balanced life. I am poised in an awareness of both action and rest. I act appropriately when action is called for; and I am relaxed and calm when situations require that response.

I happily practice compassion, love, peace and joy. It is in my daily practice of these ways of being that I allow them to be revealed in my life. I rejoice in practicing the presence of God.

I am unlimited abundance, beauty, and creativity. I am the vehicle through which Spirit expresses itself abundantly. Being created in the spiritual image of God, my life reveals the unlimited source of the universe.

I find joy in the work that I do. I am inspired to see opportunity in whatever tasks are mine to perform. I allow the energy of Spirit to flow through me efficiently in the work that is before me.

I know that Spirit flows through me in a loving, kind and beneficial way to bestow its benefits to all who need it. Kindness reveals the wholeness of life revealed in radiant ways through the myriad acts that are mine to accomplish. I am a conduit for kindness.

10. Abundance prayer
"I, (your name), know that God is the Source of all supply and that money is God in action. I know that my Good is here now. I am so rich and so full that I have an abundance of money to spare and share today and always. I know that true prosperity includes perfect health, perfect wealth, and perfect happiness. These words, which I speak in faith, now activates universal law, and I accept the results. I bless all that I have now, and I bless the increase. And I know that I now prosper in every way. I give thanks for this Good, and so it is!"

Learn more, visit "The Miracle of Active Prayer" -

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
(Excerpt from Orin and DaBen - OrinDaben.com)

Your thoughts have real substance, although your scientific instruments can't yet measure them. You might imagine your thoughts as "magnets." These "magnets" go out into the world and attract the substances that match them; they duplicate themselves in form. Everything around you was a thought in someone's mind before it existed in your reality. Cars, roads, homes, buildings, and cities all existed as thoughts before they became realities.

Your thoughts set up the model of what is to be created, and your emotions energize your thoughts and propel them from your inner world to your outer world. The stronger your emotions are, the more rapidly you create what you are thinking about. Your intent acts to direct your thoughts and emotions, maintaining a steady focus on what you want until you get it.

I focus on what I love
and thus draw it to me.

Because your thoughts set up the model of what you draw to you, it is important to think about what you want rather than what you don't want. You will not get what you want by fearing or hating its opposite. For instance, having money does not come from disliking living in poverty. Whatever you focus on is what you get, for energy follows thought. The more you love having money and abundance, the more you picture it and thus draw it to you.

It is also important to think in positive ways. Positive emotions and thoughts draw what you want to you. Negative emotions do not bring what you want; they bring only what you don't want. Spend quiet, reflective time thinking positively about what you want. When you do not think in higher ways, dwelling on things such as problems, you repel abundance.

Don't feel bad about negative thoughts you have, for fearing or disliking your negative thoughts gives them more power. Respond to negative thoughts as you would to small children who don't know any better; simply smile and show them a better way to be. If you recognize a negative thought, simply place a positive thought alongside it. If, for instance, you catch yourself saying, "I don't have enough money," simply say "I have an abundance of money."

My thoughts are
loving and positive.

Positive thoughts are far more powerful than negative thoughts. One positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones. Your soul stops your lower and negative thoughts from becoming realities unless having them manifest will teach you something that will help you grow. You are loved and protected by your soul and the universe. As your thoughts become higher and more positive, your soul allows more and more of them to manifest. The more you evolve, the more power your thoughts have to create your reality, and the more responsibility you have to think in higher ways.

There are many wonderful tools you can use to learn to think more positively. For instance, you can put light - an image of physical light - into the pictures in your mind. You can practice making negative thoughts fade out or dissolve, and enlarging positive thoughts. Take a moment right now to think of something you want. Select one thought you have had about why you CAN'T have it. Now, imagine that thought fading out, or imagine that thought written on a blackboard that you are erasing, or imagine putting that thought in a balloon and letting it float away. Do whatever occurs to you to remove that thought from your reality.

Now, create a thought about why you CAN have it. See that thought written out; put white light around it. Imagine someone reading the thought to you in a beautiful voice. Create a mental image of receiving or having what you want. Make the image so real you can almost touch, smell, see, and feel it. Make the image bigger, so that you are standing in the image rather than just observing it. By making your negative thoughts fade out, you take away their power to create your reality. By making your positive thoughts more vivid and real, you increase their ability to create what you want.

There is great power in repeating the thought of something you want over and over. When you got something you wanted in the past you probably thought about it frequently. Repetition firmly implants the idea of what you want to create in your subconscious, and it goes about bringing you what you think about. You want the thought to be definite and unwavering. Affirmations are positive thoughts that are repeated over and over. As you repeat them, they go directly to your subconscious where they begin to manifest as your reality. Affirm what you want in present terms, such as, "I have unlimited abundance," and repeat your positive statements frequently.

Learn more, "How to Create What You Love, Want, & Enjoy" - http://creatingandmanifesting.blogspot.com/

The Act of Believing and Receiving

The Act of Believing and Receiving

Believing involves Acting, Speaking and Thinking as though you have already received what you've asked for.

Receiving involves feeling the way you will feel once your desire has manifested.

Positive Affirmations for Money & Abundance

Positive affirmations are great for everyday use. They remind you of what you desire and help you to stay connected with your inner truth. They help to keep confusion, fear, doubt, and the ego at bay. Use them whenever you need to or make the intention to read them once in the morning and once in the evening.

I use my time and energy where it will create the greatest results.
I receive all the good things my higher self has to give me.
My savings act as a magnet to draw more money.
My debts represent my and others' beliefs in my future earning ability.
I am a valuable person. My path is important.
I create what I want with energy. Good things come to me easily.
I visualize my goal everyday. I am financially independent and free.
I know I can create the reality I want.
All my money is energy awaiting my command to create good in my life.
I ask for what I want. I am open to receive it in whatever form it comes to me.
I know the essence of what I want and I get it.
I choose beliefs that bring me aliveness and growth.
I honor and value my creativity and ideas.
I am always in the right place at the right time.
I choose to live an abundant life.

Tools to Create & Attract Money, Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity

Money Sites
 "10 Million Lightworkers for Financial Freedom" Project - http://10millionlightworkers.wordpress.com/
Millionaires, Billionaires, Trillionaires......Oh My!!!!! - http://millionairebillionairetrillionaire.blogspot.com/

Money & Abundance Books
Creating Money by Sanaya Roman
The Soul of Money By Lynne Twist
Creating Affluence By Deepak Chopra
Your Money or Your Life By Robin, Vicki, & Joe Dominguez
Money and The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks
Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life By Richard Branson
The Law of Divine Compensation, On Work, Money and Miracles By Marianne Williamson

Getting Out of debt books
The ABC’s of Getting out of Debt By Garrett Sutton
How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt & Live Prosperously By Jerrold Mundis

Millionaire Books
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind  by T. Harv Eker
Rich Dad, Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki
The Millionaire Next Door by By Thomas Stanley and William Danko
Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill
The Science of Getting Rich By Wallace Wattles
The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach
The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

Divine Qualities
1. Give - Tith to others often - give money,food,clothes, goods, prayers, energy, or time
2. Gratitude - Create a gratitude list or letter- recite it everyday
3. Goodness - Practice optimism

Spiritual Practices
1. Send Reiki to a rich person/place/thing that you admire
2. Create a LOA journal or book of intentions
3. Practice being an excellent receiver
4. Pamper yourself
5. Practice thinking "both".
6. Exchange negative beliefs for positive ones
7. use active prayer and intention

Releasing the old or negative
1. Consider learning some basic feng shui to decorate your home or office
2. release negative people and situations from your life
3. do a releasing rite to release old outdated beliefs, habits, and thoughts
4. get some healing work to release negative energy and open up for more light
5. Cut down on trash tv
6. practice getting out of your comfort zone

Groups & classes
1. Join a mastermind group
2. Join a high-end club
3. Take investment seminars
4. Attend the Millionaire mind intensive

Boards, Boxes & Posters
1. Make a wealth poster
2. Create a vision board - put pics of things you want on a bulletin board
3. Make a wealth folder or box - put pics of things you want in it

Mentors & Teachers
1. Listen to inspirational talks on money
2. Read various books and magazines on money (spiritual, investing, saving, creating, etc)
3. Read books on marketing, advertising, and sales
4. Get a mentor who is the field you want to be in
5. work with archangels and angels to create abundance
5. Read books on successful people

1. visualize checks in the mail for you
2. Set aside time everyday to vision - visualize the life or thing you want

Board Games
1. check out Robert Kiyosaki's "CASHFLOW 101" Game

Bank accounts, envelopes & jars
1. Create different accounts (or jars, envelopes)
and place a certain amount of whatever you make from each check or transaction into them on the regular- 10% savings, 10% education, 50% neccessities, 10% give, 10% financial freedom, 10% play

1. Hire a financial planner
2. Hire a personal coach

1. Change your focus from "active" income to "passive" income
2. whatever money you have, begin to manage it now
3. Create a new worth statement.

Learn more, visit "The Ten Nebula Resource Library" -

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